Professional Recommendations

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Melissa Archambault - Director Strategic Services at Medallia

"I had the pleasure of working with Steven at National Grid, during his time as the Manager of Digital & Customer Delivery. As the Director of Digital at National Grid, I was extremely impressed with Steven’s skills as a digital leader, commitment to his team, and dedication to delivering business value. Along with his enthusiasm, positive energy, and attentiveness to the needs of the business, Steven brings a special talent to design with the customer's usability in mind. He led and guided a team of internal resources and stakeholders in redesigning and supporting our US Content Website, adding standards and best practice guidelines to ensure a consistent evolution of the site. Steven has the ability to look at all angles of a problem and really thinks creatively to solve issues.

He is someone who is always researching and learning about the newest technologies in the market space and encourages creative solutions to problems. He is a truly dedicated person that always puts the customer in the center of what he does!"

Krystal Darmanie - Senior Digital Specialist at National Grid

"I had the amazing experience of working with Steve for almost a decade at National Grid. Steve is incredibly personable and has a wonderfully positive attitude that makes him an ideal colleague to work alongside. What stands out to me about Steve is his ability to think outside the box. When Steve became manager of our group he challenged us all to reconsider the old ways of working and be creative with our solutions and he was right there with us exploring and learning along the way. I saw our team really come together and grow under Steve's leadership in a way that felt natural and exciting. As a colleague and a leader, Steve was who you could go to troubleshoot problems or navigate new ways of working. He embraces and thrives through change and was a vital asset to our team."

Elena Rivera-Cheeck - Owner of Copy & Art

"The energy Steve brings to his work is palpable. He is a dedicated, experienced, and a true digital marketing subject-matter expert. His leadership skills allow him to advance his initiatives to meet the changing demands of today’s environment, while successfully navigating multi-tiered organizations. He is a team player and a true business partner. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Steve and I'm pleased that our partnership has just begun."

Rafael Sulit - Brand Marketing & Communications Leader at National Grid

"Steve introduced digital and martech stacks into our business unit before they became industry buzzwords. He is simply ahead of the curve. His combination of technology, marketing, and analytics, combined with his leadership capabilities; are why he was on the fast-track at National Grid. He made an impact on my team and to the company and will continue to do so in the healthcare sector and beyond."

Heather M. Romero - Director of Strategic Communications at National Grid

"I've worked with Steve and highly recommend him for his skills in managing digital channels. Steve is the kind of collaborative colleague everyone wants on the team. He brings an open mind, innovative thinking, and the opportunity for others to succeed around him. I miss working with him -- including his sense of humor and humanity."

Kelly Kass - Public Relations Director at Maimonides Medical Center

"I have had the pleasure of working alongside Steve in the Maimonides Marketing & Communications Department for the past several months. In addition to bringing strong knowledge of Web Development and effective digital tools and strategies, Steve exhibits outstanding energy and positivity that helps to create a vibrant workplace environment. He is constantly enhancing the workflow in our department, and is in the process of transforming the hospital's website. While doing so, Steve has ensured Maimonides is armed with the latest and greatest digital best practices. When interacting with colleagues, Steve is always friendly and professional. He was instrumental in making me feel welcome on my very first day at Maimonides, including putting together a welcome basket which he placed on my desk. Steve is the ultimate team player and never hesitates to lend a hand or go above and beyond for others. He is an asset to Maimonides and the Marketing & Communications team."

Riva Stockhammer - BI Developer & Patient Portal Admin at Maimonides Medical Center

"Steven is a pleasure to work with! Whether connecting with others who own the task, or for something he needs to do, Steven truly has what it takes to get the job done, quickly and effectively."

Meghan Grosso - Content Designer at Facebook

"Steve left our company over 6 months ago, but he just spent 1+ hour on his day off screensharing with his former employees to help with an issue. That tells you everything you need to know about Steve as a person, leader, and employee. He always does the right thing for his team, company, and the customers he serves and is committed to going above and beyond (often without it being asked or expected). I can personally cite many example of when Steve’s initiative and dedication to problem solving has blown me away and I know I’m not alone in that regard. Thank you, Steve!"

Cristal Ruemmelle - Training and Support Analyst at National Grid

"Steven is a pleasure to conduct business with! He has outstanding presentation skills with the ability to engage the team creatively. Steven also has a high level of emotional intelligence, which makes him a GREAT leader. His dedication, efficiency and empowerment definitely makes him an asset to the team!"

Andy Hwang - Digital Marketing Specialist at National Grid

"Steve is just a smart, talented, and caring individual that I really appreciate to have as my manager. He has so much knowledge in our business and he always seems to know the answer to our problems. He's our MVP! In the short time I've been under his guidance, I have gained invaluable advice and support. I think it's amazing that we have a genuine person like Steve on our team. I'd recommend him to any team with confidence because I believe he'll shine wherever he goes."

Iliana Williams - Marketing Executive at National Grid

"Steven is an asset to any team, demonstrating commitment and passion to deliver high quality work. I can trust Steven to provide an insightful perspective about our customers or how to improve our business and processes. He is a very quick study, really smart and a champion for improving the customer experience."

George Maggiore - Professor of Marketing & Management at St. John's University

"When asked to describe Steven, the phrase "Best and the Brightest" is most appropriate. Steven has the interpersonal skills, intelligence and professionalism to help solve the many complex business problems that constantly face his vast and complex National Grid organization. Steven is a team player and an insightful independent thinker who I am truly proud to have worked with at National Grid."

Diana Nunez - Purchasing Manager at NYC Ferry

"Steven is a very detailed, dedicated and loyal employee. He is always willing to help and learn to better himself and the company. I've worked with him for the past three years and he has always been responsive to any of the changes and needs of the company. He was very helpful to me when I first started as he told me about the company and showed me around. It was a true pleasure to work with Steven as he could always be trusted to achieve results at an extremely high level. In addition, Steven is an exceptional individual - team oriented, compassionate and has a great sense of humor."

Feisal Ahmad - Co-Founder, CEO at Theory & Practice

"Steven provided a strong and consistent level of support to my group at National Grid -- particularly with his clear communication style, attention to detail, and the exceptional quality of his research deliverables. In addition, Steven's outreach and engagement with J.D. Power provided us with the means to drive towards a deeper understanding of customer needs online. Through both his professionalism and positive outlook, Steven came to be known deservedly as one our brightest analysts, and I recommend him heartily."